• Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant. Seagrass restoration mouth of effluent canal. Monitoring biota and chemistry in effluents for 7 years.
  • Port of Miami. EIS, Survey and map. Environmental design with engineers. Seagrass Mitigation phase I, II, III.
  • Homestead, Florida. Marina. Seagrass restoration.
  • Watson Island Heliport, Miami, Fl. Survey. Design with engineers for permit.
  • Florida Keys Bridges (38 bridges). Consultant to Fla. DER and US National Marine Fisheries on design impact minimization for bridges and seagrass restoration for bridges.
  • Rickenbacker Causeway Bridges, Miami, Fl. Seagrass restoration for renovation of bridges.
  • Julia Tuttle bridges and highway. Seagrass restoration.
  • Fort Augusta Causeway (Jamaica) seagrass restoration and biological survey.
  • U.S. Army Corps Dredge Island. Consultant to Corps Waterway Station seagrass restoration on COE dredge islands.
  • Sea Grant survey. Impact of dredge & fill on benthic vegetation and test plots of seagrass restoration on dredge Islands in Biscayne Bay & Florida Keys.
  • Captiva Island Marina. Dredging channel. Consultant to owners on seagrass mitigation in legal proceedings.
  • Michael Construction Company. Prop Dredging near Big Torch Key, Florida Keys. Seagrass restoration test plots & mitigation plan in legal proceedings.
  • Miami Sewer and Water Authority: Survey pipeline. EIA. Mapping Seagrass restoration.
  • Florida Keys Water Authority Pipeline. Water pipeline (150 mi). EIA. Survey. Seagrass and Mangrove mitigation plan. Restoration of seagrass and mangroves.
  • Tequesta Water Pipeline. Seagrass Mitigation plan. Seagrass Survey.
  • Marcopper. Seagrass restoration for pipeline causeway. Marinduque, Philippines.
  • Plantation Lakes Estates. Seagrass Survey and seagrass restoration
  • Lyford Cay, Bahamas. Seagrass survey and seagrass restoration.
  • Ocean Reef Shores.
  • Sandpiper Village, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Seagrass minimization design for beach facilities and seagrass mitigation plan.
  • Richard Rose, Inc. Key Largo, Florida. Restoration of SAV and Seagrass.
  • Jamaica. Survey and 19 test plots for restoration and mitigation of impact to seagrasses of Island for Jamaican Government. Regional model.
  • In 2007 study for Dolphin Cove seagrass mitigation. Jamaica Dolphin Cove, Lucia, Hanover, Jamaica (seagrass survey and mitigation plan).
  • Port Bougainville Marina (Key Largo, Fl.). Expert witness for Izaak Walton citizen’s group.
  • Key Largo. Expert witness for citizen’s group seagrass survey & restoration west central Key Largo.
  • Bahamas. Seagrass mapping. UNEP regional model. Operation Raleigh and UNEP.
  • Philippines. Coastal pollution of seagrasses. Series of Seagrass restoration test plots plantings.  FAO regional model. ASEAN.
  • FAO. Seagrass workshops (India, Australia, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines)

Also upon request Mangrove Restoration: USA, Jamaica, Bahamas, Africa
Marsh Restoration: USA, Caribbean, Philippines
Coral Restoration: USA, Caribbean

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  • Biscayne Bay. Organized and chaired three workshops and book on the impact of development on natural resources.
  • Jamaica. Survey for mitigation of seagrasses of Island for Jamaican Government. Regional model.
  • Egypt. Coastal pollution survey Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts. U.S. AID and Egyptian Environmental Ministry.
  • Philippines. Coastal pollution of seagrasses. FAO regional model.
  • Bahamas. Seagrass mapping. UNEP regional model.
  • Florida Keys. Environmental Impact Study of Future Development for Fla.State community Affairs with Dr. J. Marcus.
  • Florida State.


  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Florida Power & Light Company.
  • Florida Power Corp.
  • Applied Biology.
  • Mobil Oil Foundation, Inc.



  • Coastal Power Plants Environmental Assessment and Mitigation. Mombasa, Kenya.
  • Power plants sitting and renovation throughout Guinea Bissau Government of Guinea Bissau.
  • Gas and Oil Drilling, onshore refineries, and Electric Power Plant, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Energy Dept. Equatorial Guinea.
  • Egypt, Tourism Disaster Preparedness Nile Valley. Model. World Bank.
  • Pollutant Mitigation Egypt Mediterranean Coast. US AID.
  • Environmental Sustainability for East Africa’s Central Indian Ocean Coastal resources. USAID, Govt. Kenya, Tanzania.
  • Port of Miami. EIS. Survey and map. Environmental design with engineers. SEAGRASS Mitigation phase I,II, III.
  • Homestead (Florida) Marina. Mitigation.
  • Watson Island Heliport. Survey. Design with engineers for permit.
  • Plaza Venetia Marina. Consultant to environmental groups.
  • Grove IsleMarina. Expert for citizens group in state hearings.
  • Captiva Marina. Consultant to owners, law suit.
  • St. Thomas, Virgin Islands airport. Consultant to government.
  • Jamaica Freeport (Montego Bay). Survey and mitigation.
  • Jamaica Dolphin Island (seagrass survey and restoration plan).
  • Port Bougainville Marina (Key Largo). Expert witness citizen group.