The Greater Caribbean Energy and Environment Foundation (GCEEF) has a 32-year record of excellence with 5 awards from the United Nations for operating in 30 countries from the Philippines and Africa to numerous projects in the U.S. Jamaica and other parts of the Western Hemisphere. It has worked with numerous organizations and governments including many locations in the U.S.A, Philippines, Jamaica, Haiti, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Bahamas, Kenya, Guinea Bissau, Mexico and others.

We have invented the technique to plant seagrasses in large scale under the water and have transferred this around the world, so we know it works well.

United Nations Awards

  • Recipient of the United Nations Environmental Program Gold Medal for “Decade of Distinguished Research in Tropical Pollution & Ecology” 1982
  • Recipient of United Nations Environmental Program Award “Global 500 Award” 1987
  • Earth Trustee. United Recipient “Earth Trustee” medal at United Nations Women’s Conference on A Sustainable Environment Preparatory to UNCED, Miami. 1991.
  • United Nations Environment Program “Who’s Who Women in Environment” 2006.

Other Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award  USA Club of Rome
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Botanical Society of America
  • Honorary Doctorate. Philippines Women’s University. 1992. Doctor of Education Honoris Causa
  • Lindbergh Foundation Award, 1989
  • Earth Trustee Award. The Earth Society of the United Nations. 1997
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, NOAA (selected from nationwide competition) 1968-9